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Welcome to the HEROS Club – join TODAY and support #HEROShorses…

There will always be horses that can never be rehomed when their racing careers come to an end, whether it is due to old age, infirmity or personality.

HEROS Charity is reliant on the generosity of the public to continue its work of retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses. By becoming a member of the HEROS Club you not only assist us to continue our work but also help to support a small band of horses that reside here and will end their days with us. As a general rule the HEROS Club supports about 10 horses at any time, meet our current #HEROSclub horses below.

Please help us to look after these horses by supporting them in their retirement. Donating anything from as little as £5 per month will make you eligible for membership and its benefits:

  • Receive a members’ pack
  • Newsletters
  • Details on our activities and future events
  • Updates on the Club Horses
  • 10% discount to attend any of our events
  • Join today… email or call the office on 01488 638820
  • Make a donation for HEROS Charity online via the  button or at


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Our valued supporters

We could not continue our valuable work without the support of our many friends and donors, including corporate sponsors. Without their support many HEROS Charity fundraising events would not be possible; we are grateful to our sponsors for the opportunity their support provides in enabling us to take our fundraising activities to a wider audience.